by Prospect

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released May 29, 2015

Performed by Prospect
Sean Kenny - Bryan Perez - Mike Kane - Tim Lawrence - Cole Liguori
Recorded, edited and mixed by Sean Kenny
Mastered by Alan Douches

Thanks to : Our friends and family, the New Jersey Hardcore Community, Pat Noon, Emily Kattermann, Sean Mclaughlin/Shore Core, Geneva Gamblin, Alex Kattermann, Scott Burns, Josh Vichare, Rob Chiarappa, Andrew Perez, Kyle Waldron, Heather Froehner, Michelle Rose, Ryan McGrath, The Uncommonly Good, We're Ghosts Now, Killer Waves, Spore, Reborn Divided, Sicker Than Most, Shark Ethic, Dead Letter, Bear Affair, Choke Artist, Lyves, Evan VanDeventer and Jesse Lieurance for helping with gang vocals, The Straight Edge and the Non. For Colin and Ioanna.



all rights reserved


Prospect Howell, New Jersey

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Track Name: Headhunter
Chin down, hands up, circle out and keep the pressure on
Stay calm, and react, let technique control the attack
But then the pain comes in and sends my mind into a haze
Swinging for the fences, letting down my defenses

Life's been taking its toll on me
Concussion spinning my mind, my eyes, and I,
I need some sort of clarity
Adrenaline has been blurring my mind

I search for permanence but the memory is fleeting
The past is dead, and the present has no meaning

Oh time is wearing me thin
Cant stand on my own, from the fractures on my shin
How much punishment can I withstand
As negativity weakens this chin

Take me away and watch the blood drown my eyes
Still trying to swing and ruin your fucking night
Overhands, missed hooks, coming hard with a heavy right
Offer only offense; try to look alive

This is not how I saw this unfolding
Strikes connect, left flat-footed
Busted lip and a broken rib
Cut up face and a hanging limb

Although I prepared, I let emotion win
I have tried to control it but,
A little damage pulled me under
To become what I hate, I became a headhunter
Track Name: Restless
I spend half my time thinking
How I wish it would end
The rest is spent afraid
That my wish is being granted

I have tried and tried to go back
To go back to those old times
When I didn’t fucking hate my life
Falling back on the wrong track

Fuck it

I just want some rest
Some respite from the constant stress
Something to go right
To not be sick every fucking night

I will go through life
Waiting for some sort of sign
Standing on the edge of a cliff
Waiting for a gust of wind

On the brink of death
Just to make sure
I still want to be alive

And I just don’t know anymore
Lay myself down in the riverbed
Take my time, wait for it to dry
Or just let the water flow over my head

Floating around for too long
Time spent thinking that this might be the end for me
Floating around for too long
Afraid I’ve missed my chance, that I have sunken too far deep

It got worse before it never got better
No More Hope
Track Name: Bloodshot
I have heard it all before
The same bullshit, you’re a fucking bore
Try to force your views on us
We’ll stand our ground and watch you fall

Claim to be the expert all you want
When misread lessons are all that you’ve been taught
Fake a smile when you’re proven wrong
Condescend the rest when you’re the one who’s lost
Look at my eyes and see the tension still remains
We’re filled with anger, fueled by your disdain
Someday you’ll realize that everything that you portray
Goes against this open mind you try to claim
Fooling some with confident ignorance
In denial, accept your irrelevance
Look at my hands and see the fingers driving through my palms
This aggression, has been building in me for far too long

Step it up

Disrespecting us again
Now that the power’s changing hands
Say I wont look you in the eye
As you stare at the floor, between you and I

Motherfucker give it up, we can tell you’re out of touch
Cut the act and be a man, reality’s over your head
Fueled by hatred of your vision
We can’t take it; ignoring our position

We’ll take it back
And leave you in Isolation
We’ll take it back
We’re done with your derision
Track Name: Nexus
Track Name: Hollow
Young and naïve
Despite the scene that’s in front of me
I chose to believe
That we just had more time
It took me way too long
To fully realize what was happening
Now as you leave
The words are missing, and I’m too fucking late

Struggling to breathe
Oh please come back to me

Never had the time to react
An awful pain I can never relieve
And I feel nothing
And I feel hollow
I feel everything
Crashing down on me
The sky turns red and envelopes me
My lungs fill with blood in this reoccurring dream
I feel nothing
I feel hollow
I feel everything
Taken away from me

And it was all just a blur
Hopeless witness, Helpless bystander
To the slow fade
The aching pain

Selfish, I ask for you to stay
The weak foundation collapses with the weight
But now you've crossed the Rubicon
Wish I could follow, wish I was wrong

Life in a haze
avoid the subject
Aim to forget

Wish I had someone to blame
Somewhere to redirect this pain
Instead I’m stuck fighting
My frustration stored in hate

I don’t know what happens when we die
But I’d trade my afterlife just to have you back in mine
Track Name: Counter
I’ve got an iron jaw and paper ribs
Just gotta compose myself
Before I lose my grip

Cornered by critical cynics
The crowd feels all the same
Nothing useful being said
Just looking to complain
Trying to keep your head down
It’s giving me a fucking headache
I’m guilty of it too
But I saw the problem and I’m trying to change

I’m fucking tired
Of being told I’m bound to lose
“What’s the point of even fighting?”
Fuck it I’ll rely on only me

A little damage woke me up
Right after pulling me under
Still gotta protect my chin
I’ll slip the punch and counter

I still feel the pain
Punch drunk and concussed
Try to redirect
I can’t live like this

“To hell with circumstance I create opportunities”*

Still a two way fight
Taking years off my life

There’s a reason I’m the next best thing
There’s a reason I’m gonna rule this ring

There’s a reason they’re call me the fucking king

[* quote by Bruce Lee]